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Amla Juice

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AMRO Amla Juice contains high amounts of vitamin C. Amla juice controls three humors of the body viz phlegm (kapha), bile (pitta) and wind (vata). Due to the presence of vitamin c, high density of tannins and poly-phenols, it shows strong antioxidant activity.

According to the Ayurveda texts, amla juice may be used as rejuvenate to promote longevity. Traditionally, it has been used to enhance digestion, treat constipation, purify blood, reduce cough, benefit the eyes and skin, stimulate hair growth and enhance intellect.

Skin, hair, obesity, metabolism, insomnia, arthritis, weakness, tension, and what not; our Amla Juice is specially formulated to work on the aforementioned areas. We are tagged as the foremost Manufacturer and Supplier of Amla Juice in Noida, UP. The Juice, we offer, is a sugar-free and triple refined formula, which works effectively when consumed in the recommended dosage. And, as far as quality is concerned, we deliver the finest. Count on us!

  • All kind of Diabetes.
  • Lack of Immunity, Arthritis, obesity
  • Physical & Mental Weakness, Tension
  • Un Control blood pressure, insomnia
  • Bed effect of tobacco, liquor
  • High Serum Cholesterol
  • Weakness of heart, brain eyes
  • Falling of hair, Premature greying
  • Pyorrhoea, Toothache, tooth decay
  • Hyper acidity, loss of appetite, gas
  • Bed effects of ageing factor
  • Coliltis, constipation, Tiredness
  • Skin disease, Acne, pimples, allergy
  • Lack of Hemoglobin, Mental stress
  • Eye sight, unclear vision, headache